Networks, Internet and Intranet

Flexible, Manageable, Reliable, and Scalable Networks design, Implementation and support.

T-Dolphin helps organizations evaluate current technologies, organizational processes and resources, such as organization's ability to absorb and manage change. We assist them in defining high speed and cost effective network solutions and implementing them. A solid network can not only provide a good IT foundation but also a huge gain in competition. We can provide expertise in designing and implementing innovative infrastructure systems that fit the organization's business needs. We can provide architectural design, large-scale implementations, and project management and daily operations administration.

The timely delivery of data can make or break a business and how well your network operates may well determine the success of your business. Our Network team provides LAN/WAN design, implementation and administration/support services for network infrastructure.

Our network team delivers services ranging from desktop support to enterprise high-speed network design, implement and support.

We addresses all the critical areas of client's network infrastructure:

  • We assess firewalls, and business practices, to propose risk management strategies, and draft corporate security policies. We focus on protecting client's assets, sensitive data, and customer relationships without slowing down the business.
  • Reliability, scalability, and flexibility are very critical to any strategic network. Designing, implementing, and fine-tuning a complex infrastructure requires expertise come from successful projects experience
  • Anticipating the road ahead and keeping your strategic network tuned for peak performance requires an integrated approach to event notification, historical trends, and reporting.
  • For E-business organizations serving various communities of customers, the network infrastructure is literally on the customer's desktop. Our networks' systems engineering consultants develop solutions that address 24x7-business assurance, operational efficiency, and high-availability/high-redundancy requirements.
  • We protect not only servers but also workstations against internal and external attacks, allow safe access to the Internet, Internet and Intranet usage reports, secure remote access, and protect against viruses.
  • While Internet and Intranets are powerful tools, they are also an entrance and exit door open to the world, bringing risks of performance reduction, inadequate use, sabotage, frauds and intrusions.


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