Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) And Implementation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is very critical for any business success in today's day an age. Through use of an ERP solution, different areas of operation are consolidated enterprise-wide solution that ensures effective communication within mission-critical systems. This provides organizations technological edge and allows them to adapt to changing business needs.

We work with organizations to evaluating software options, assist them in making the right decision between Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and others. And then reengineering and standardizing business processes migrating existing data to new solution.

After data is converted we customize new solutions to specific needs of organizations, which includes developing user friendly interfaces. Perform integration or organization's strategic applications into ERP solution. Last but not least provide training to each department staff that is unique operations and on going support if needed.



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Implementation Networks / Intranet / Internet Data Warehousing Oracle Technologies Group Projects
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