Data Warehousing

All organizations are unique in terms of the way they do business, the type of data they work with, their operations, technology practices, standards and the way they manage data.

In today's fast past business world, it is very critical for every business to track their data and manage it in fashion that will provide them a competitive edge, better company management, or assist them in making critical business decisions.

T-Dolphin is experienced in designing, developing and implementing data management solutions, data warehouses and data marts which, in return, could provide organizations access to business intelligence that will result in better decision making, improved customer loyalty, better customer service, reduced risk and increased profitability.

We work with organizations to identify critical data by integrating data from their current systems or sources and prioritize the kind of data that needs. Then we extract and present this data to important decision-makers within the organizations. This task varies form organization to organization but T-Dolphin can perform Data Warehouse planning, outlining business process requirements and architecture design. Also performing data architecture, data modeling, data mining, information architecture design/development, and finally data warehouse deployment. Using reporting tools could do this.



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