Oracle Technologies Group

Our Oracle technologies Group provides specialized consulting services in Oracle world. We offer consulting services for all aspects of oracle-based systems design, deployment and maintenance. Our oracle Technologies group assist you in making your Oracle projects a complete success.

Our Oracle Technologies Group is considered as a complete Oracle solution and support provider. Our high-end consultants specialize in enhancing your RDMS (Relational Database Management systems), so that your systems operate optimally cost-effective manner. Our Oracle Technologies Group provides complete solution on latest Oracle technologies from technical and business standpoint.

Our Oracle Technologies Group provides project management services, database architecture, design, development, implementation and administration. Oracle Technologies Group also provide on-line Transaction process (OLTP) system architecture (multi-tier), web enabling Oracle database, large system acquisition and deployment, data warehouse architecture and design using OLAP concepts.

Following are some of the Oracle tools our Oracle Technologies Group uses to provide consulting services.


SQL*Plus - JDeveloper

SQL Loader - Developer 2000

Discoverer 2000 - Designer 2000

Express Analyzer - Oracle WebDB

Express Objects - Recovery Manager



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Implementation Networks / Intranet / Internet Data Warehousing Oracle Technologies Group Projects
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